Lovely Bag

Desember 28, 2010

Hi Guys! I got something to show! Here it is!

Isn't it lovely? I think so, ^^
And you know what? I MADE it! Hahaha...
Didn't mean to be arrogant. Just proud to myself cause i finally finished it.  It takes a year to make it. Well, actually you can finish it in two weeks (if you do nothing except make this bag). But because i started it on my last year holiday, and sometimes i have no time, and i'm too lazy to continue it, and it's so tiring, and it make my fingers hurt and chafed, etc, it didn't finish until a year. 
Well, i'm very happy now. I can make this with my own effort, with my own hands, and the result is pretty good. Don't you think?
Can't wait to wear it! ^^

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