About Me

Me and my high school fellas 

Hi! I'm Ufi and my full name is Hanifah Sausan Nurfinaputri.
Many people are confused about their correlation :D

I was born in Magelang on May 2nd, 1996. I also LIVED in Magelang (with my parents and my little sister, Rima) before I "moved" to Yogyakarta last year.

I am currently a collage student in Architecture Department of Gadjah Mada University. Before that, I attended Gladiool High School a.k.a SMAN 1 Magelang, Spenasa a.k.a SMPN 1 Magelang, and SD Mutual a.k.a Muhammadiyah 1 Alternatif. I'm a moslem.

My hobbies WERE reading, watching TV and movies, arts, hangout with my friends or sister, wandering around the city, crafting, and of course, blogging ^^
Collage life was so.. i don't know. Well, I'm trying to get back my beloved hobbies :")

I want to live my life happily by doing things that I like. And I hope you to do so :D

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