Hello Everyone

September 06, 2012

Hai hai all~ :D

What's up?
Yeah, i've been disappearing these few months. well. i didn't mean to..

Some news i got from my school life:
  • I entered the science class
  • I'm in class XI IA 1
  • With many brilliant students
  • in the 3rd floor of the building
  • And 3rd floor is should be for the 12th grade
  • yes, my class is the only 11th grade on the 3rd floor
  • Mumu is on the 2nd floor
  • followed by Cha'e
  • and many of my friends

  • but then, i was chosen as the External Chairman of my lovely ekskul, ESC (English Speaking Club)
  • i'm a shy person, but then try to be brave and make friends
  • it's still in progress, but i wish i can be more improved in all aspects of my life
Amen ^^

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