[Album] THE B1A4 I 'IGNITION' track list

Maret 14, 2012

1.Baby I’m Sorry
2.This Time Is Over

3.So Fine

4.Super Sonic

5.둘만 있으면 (Baro Solo – Feat. Min Of Miss A)



8.짝사랑 (Sandeul Solo)

9.You Are My Girl

10.Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Remix)

11.Baby I’m Sorry (Inst)

My recomendation:
actually, all of the song is recomended. Hehehe... :D
But i like Baby I'm Sorry, This Time Is Over, 짝사랑 (Crush), and 웃어봐 (Smile) the most. Don't forget to listen the remix version of Wonderful Tonight, i bet you'll be surprised ^^

Click this link for download their album! :D

P.S: look at how many posts i have published about this 5 awesome boys! i can't wait for seeing their comeback stage ^^

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