[MV] K.Will(케이윌) & Noel(노을) (Jeon Woo Sung)(전우성) - Perfume(향수)

Februari 10, 2014

Title: Perfume(향수)
Artist: K.Will(케이윌) & Noel(노을) (Jeon Woo Sung)(전우성)
Producer: Doublekick
Release date: December 16, 2013

I heard it for the first time on Arirang TV's "Pops in Seoul" and I fell into it right away. The song is very sad. It compared perfume into the unforgotten memories and scent of a lover who has already left. The song is sorrowful acoustic pop-ballad song with the tranquil piano and strong and magnificent string theme line standing out. Also, minimal instrumental arrangements and vintage rhythms maximized the sensible voice's strength.

The MV is starring Lee Seung Gi. The way they shot it is awesome and what the dancers did are just great.

K.Will and Jeon Woo Seong are JJANG!

cr: youtube.com

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