Incredible Sky

Oktober 13, 2010

Hello guys!

So, a few days a go, in the evening, i was in my room, opened my facebook. Suddenly our house helper knocked my window from outside and told me to close my window, cause it's almost maghrib. With no purpose i saw the sky is in a really great color. Mixture of colors. So automatically, I ran outside, went to my backyard, and saw the sky again. Oh my god! It's really great! I ran again, took my hand phone and a chair, place it in my backyard (the chair), got on it, and took a picture. But, the result wasn't very great. So, i searched for places, and finally, i find a place, it's in front of my neighbor's house (which is behind my house). And, i captured a better photos. You can see them, here!

Well, sorry cause i'm not polite enough to wait for the upload process (the photos).
I really do hope that you can enjoy the picture. See you!

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