Sad-Happy Day

Juli 10, 2010

Yesterday, i went to school for classes distribution. And I'm in class 9G.
Well, I almost cry because there were only 3 or 4 people that i know well. But, i can't just give up. So next time, I'll try to befriend with them.
I also went to Panjiwo Restaurant (Kramat, Magelang. In front the Mental Hospital) with my friends from 8F yesterday. We ate fried chicken, that is so tasty, and the "sambal", it's very spicy. I like it. We paid the bill with 8F's money. We were so happy (and full).

But, I'm not really happy. My skirt was ripped out, it's a uniform skirt!
luckily, my mom fixed it this morning, and i'm going to wear it for one time, and make another one.

After that, I, Cha'e, and Intan went to Gardena Department Store (Jl. A. Yani, Magelang). They bought some stationery. And I bought a denim jacket that is really cute (I think), and a brown sateen veil.

the denim jacket

the brown sateen veil

Well, I bought those stuff for my study tour with my school to Bali next August. Well, I hope that everything is going to be well.

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