Hunt Day

Juli 08, 2010

Two days ago, i went out with my friends for shopping.

We went to many shops, especially a clothes shops. Because I need some clothes to wear.
So I bought 2 cute clothes, they are all blouse. One is brown with white vertical line, and the other one is white with pink flower pattern. They are just so cute.
I also wanted to borrow some movie in Odiva (VCD & DVD rental shop), but when we were on the way to Odiva, i just tell them that, "I guess we're not going to Odiva, I forgot my member card." And they just laughed, i felt really upset. I really want to watch the movie!
Because it's the last week of holiday, we went to a book shop to buy notebooks. actually, there was only me who's really bought the notebooks, cause they're already have. I bought 4 dozen notebooks, and some ballpoint.
And my friend just say, "It's not heavy, right?". Huh, luckily, they helped me to bring them.
After that, we're going to a meatball stall. It's called Keplekan stall. It's located near Rejowinangun Market. And it's really tasty. 
After sat for a long time (cause we can't stand and walk  with a full stomach), we decided to go home. Well, I enjoy that day, and it's hard for me to let them go home. I hope that we're going to be in the same class for the 9th grade. We'll see tomorrow morning, and i hope that i will wake up early.
The worst part of the hunt day is: My hand and my leg became not good since i arrived home, 'till this morning. 

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