WINNER's Kim Jinwoo : A HUGE Transformation

Juni 20, 2014

Hi everyone! :)

Sebelumnya aku mau minta maaf nih. Sudah lama gak update blog, begitu update aku justru posting sesuatu yang gak ada hubungannya sama kehidupanku seperti ini. Hehe, maaf ya :) Anggap saja ini selingan, atau penghilang kangen (emang ada yang kangeeen? :p). Kisah-kisah saya dipending dulu ya. Nanti saya pasti cerita saat semuanya sudah jelas :)

OK! So, today I'm going to talk about this guy, Kim Jinwoo.

If you're a K-poper or even a YG-lover you must have known this guy. The world knew him for the first time through the reality-survival program, WIN, which aimed to choose the next boy group to be debuted under YG Entertainment. There were two team that competed in the program, and Kim Jinwoo is the member of Team-A, which now has became WINNER (yeah, they won the competition).

Team A for the Final Battle photoshoot

During the program, Kim JInwoo made quite a lot of mistakes, so he often get scolded by Yang Hyun Suk (YG's CEO) and of course it gave burdens to his fellow members. He did worked hard, but he tend to loose confidence on stage. I felt sorry for him, but also could not help to consider him as the group's black hole. 

Even so, I still support him cause I know he has potency, and it shows during the few last episode of WIN where he pulled out all of his best even though he was still nervous.

After winning the competition, WINNER appeared in their first own reality show, WINNER TV, where they showed their cheerful personality. From my point of view, Kim Jinwoo appeared to be very childish despite his position in the group as the oldest. He also seemed to be lacking the most in many ways compared to the other members. But then, after a few episodes, it showed that he is the most lovable person in the group because of his pure and considerate personality. He is still a childish person, but in a positive way.

Now, after a lot of months have passed, WINNER is going to make their official debut, and YG has released these teaser photos which portray the natural side of the members.

And who is this guy?

I was surprised to realize that he is that Worrywart Kim Jinwoo.

He is transforming into a completely different person.

He's so beautiful, and so confident. I wonder where he got the courage.

I do not upload other member's but if you take a look at them, you'll find that Jinwoo's is the best. I'm not talking about lighting or any photography technique. It's about charm, and Jinwoo has it. It was hiding inside him and now it is coming out just like a birth of a butterfly.

He looks like a fallen angel.


Well, guys, this my opinion, you may not agree with me. But I know that I'm right.

I'm looking forward for WINNER's debut, and I do wish that this significant visual progress of Kim Jinwoo is also followed by his skill progress.

Good Luck WINNER, and Jinwoo :)

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