[IED 1431 H] Tell the Details - First Day

September 12, 2010


Hi Guys! It's been three days since the Idul Fitri day. I promise you to tell you about my adventure (cieillah...) on visiting other people house.
Well, i spent the first day with do Ied Pray at the Kwarasan Field. I'm sorry that I can't show you the picture because i forgot to bring my hanphone at that time. I came home and saw so many people walk along the street in front of my house.
And I was thinking that there are so many Muslim in this world, this even in Magelang. A small town in Indonesia. How many Muslim in this world exactly?
Well friends, i'd like to tell you about .................... FOOD!!!!!!!! Yes. Lebaran would not be complete if there are no stopples which filled with many kind of food.

See? there are so many kind of food. Brondong, grubi, dolar, satu, etc. And my favorite are:
And... cake-that-i-don't-know-the-name!
It's all taste good! It's great!

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