Hello Everyone

September 06, 2012

Hai hai all~ :D

What's up?
Yeah, i've been disappearing these few months. well. i didn't mean to..

Some news i got from my school life:
  • I entered the science class
  • I'm in class XI IA 1
  • With many brilliant students
  • in the 3rd floor of the building
  • And 3rd floor is should be for the 12th grade
  • yes, my class is the only 11th grade on the 3rd floor
  • Mumu is on the 2nd floor
  • followed by Cha'e
  • and many of my friends

  • but then, i was chosen as the External Chairman of my lovely ekskul, ESC (English Speaking Club)
  • i'm a shy person, but then try to be brave and make friends
  • it's still in progress, but i wish i can be more improved in all aspects of my life
Amen ^^

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2 comment

  1. So was I, 2 years ago. I was in science one as well. It was awesome, but superbly hot everyday. Dunno why it's always hot up there. Hahahahahaha.

    1. yes you're right :D
      mrs. Pruwi said that our junior in 10th grade really wished to be in XI IA 1
      they don't know that they have to climb the stairs until the 3rd floor, feel the hot, and stay in the class at break time cause it will end before you get back from the canteen #hahaha

      btw: how is my English skill? :)